Croí na Céilí (kree nah kay-lee) is Gaelic for “Heart of the Party” and that’s exactly what the band provides – the musical heartbeat of Irish fun.  Featuring traditional acoustic instruments (violin, wooden flute or tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, or Irish bouzouki), we perform spirited Irish reels, jigs, and hornpipes as well as lilting, enchanting airs and balads. We often play for ceili dances but we give any get-together a special, dynamic dose of Irish enjoyment.

The band began in the fall of 2011 playing for the monthly Crossroads Irish Set and Ceili Dancers of South Florida in Lake Worth, Florida.  As time went on and word of a live band playing for the set dancers got around, attendance went up.  Soon the Croí na Céilí Band began playing for other dancers at other venues including Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fair.  The Croí na Céilí Band sometimes morphs into The Roaring Kelly Band to feature traditional ballads, Irish rebel songs, drinking songs, and other fun sing-alongs that raise your spirits.

Croí na Céilí features anywhere from three to five musicians for the best traditional Irish music in south Florida.

The Croí na Céilí Band is supported by Tir na mBlath (teer nah blah), the south Florida branch of the international Irish cultural arts organization Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (kul-tus key-ol-toy-ree air-in), dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music around the world

StepDancers_TimFinnsAnother rousing ruckus with our guest step  dancers!