What’s a Circle Dance?

Croi na Ceili Slainte Nov 29, 2012

Ian, Randy, Hector, Annya, Rosemarie, and Kevin at Sláinte Irish Pub

What a blast! We had some cranking good tunes and some mighty craic with all the folks at Sláinte Irish Pub last evening. Guest musician and Gaelic language professor Sean was on hand to give us a delightful bit of button box for the event. That accordion with the  polkas and slides means we never sounded better. We were pleased to meet Katie and wish her a very happy birthday before she and her beaming beau joined our delighted céilí dancers. Speaking of dancers, here’s a shout of hearty thanks to our good friend Francine. As dance leader, Francine provided new dancers with some solid basics, and also helped pull in the crowd for a wondrous circle dance. Francine, you’re the best!

What’s a circle dance? For the Irish (and the Scottish as well), this is the oldest form of social dancing at the céilí. Instead of the “set’ which consists to four couples in pairs facing in a square formation, the circle dance is performed as a ring of couples with no defined number. This is the fíor (true) céilí that was such a socially rich part of rural life for Celtic folk through the ages. The circle dance moves in a progressive manner with the lady moving to the next gentleman in the ring near the end of a repetition of simple dance steps. It’s easy to follow and everyone can participate.

As with all traditional Irish (or Scottish) dances, the music is cheerful and lively and the Croí na Céilí Band is more than happy to provide it in large doses!


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