South Florida Fair Announcement!


The South Florida Fair has announced the Croí na Céilí performance (and céilí dance) on their website at:South Florida Fair Croí na Céilí Event

The band takes the Yesteryear Village Pavilion Stage on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 7:30 pm for a 45-minute show.  The Pavilion Stage is tucked away beside the General Store (as you walk toward the old church).  We’ll have amplified sound and plenty of hard surface for any dancers who want to join us.  We’ll feature a Circle Dance where all can join in and participate including the kids!  We’ll definitely feature a waltz and  few other set dances that are easy to learn. You’ll hear some traditional songs that celebrate Irish history, learn about the Irish culture, its influence in Florida (like how the Irish helped settle St. Augustine), and the Irish affect on American folk music and dance.  You can purchase Fair tickets at a discount right now at:

Come join us for some fun, some dancing, and a great evening at the South Florida Fair!

South Florida Fair

South Florida Fair


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