The Roaring Kelly Band Serves It Up!


RKB1This coming Sunday, October 6, from 8-10 p.m., at Tim Finnegan’s Irish pub in Delray Beach, the Roaring Kelly Band serves it up big with a hardy menu of Irish traditional musical dishes alongside robust Americana fare and a sprinkling of unexpected delights!  Last performance we had step dancers from the Aranmore Academy of Irish Dance front and center while the band played all the reels, jigs, hornpipes, and slip-jigs to get the heart thumping and feet jumping.  Come and be a part of the fun!

The Roaring Kelly Band is made of a couple of fun-loving Irish guys, a fiddling wizard, a fantastic flutist, and a righteous stand-up guy playing stand-up bass namely: Randy Powell (banjo, bouzouki, vocals), Kevin Sheehan (mandolin, vocals), Ian Wilkinson (violin), Rosemarie Vincent (Irish wooden flute, tin whistle, vocals), and Bill Gearhiser (dog-house fiddle).

Settle in and top off the weekend where everyone knows your name and the Roaring Kelly Band delivers lots of rambunctious fun for a special, dynamic dose of Irish enjoyment.


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