First Crossroads Céilí Dance of the Season

Sláinte Thursday 4

Swinging your partner

October 26, 2013 at 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

South American Mission, 5217 Military Tr., Lake Worth

Regular admission $10, Student admission $5

The Croí na Céilí Band has a passion for traditional, spirited Irish music. This Celtic-acoustic music is full of drive with the right balance of bounce and fun to keep everyone in high spirits with Irish rebel songs, folk, and original.
Randy Powell (Irish bouzouki, banjo, and lead vocals): Randy’s dad was from southern Georgia and mom was from the Irish Channel in New Orleans. Randy can pick like Earl and sing like an Irish rebel. Although he began his musical journey in jazz, his heart has stayed with his mom’s Irish cultural tradition and his dad’s southern heritage.
Rosemarie Vincent ( Irish wooden flute, tin whistle, violin, and vocals): Classically trained with a music performance degree from the University of Miami, Rosemarie then attended the Scola Cantorum in Paris, France. She also comes from a musical family where all seven siblings played an instrument and harmonized on folk songs and gospel hymns. She knows all the Irish tunes and how to kick them up a notch.
Ian Wilkinson (violin): Classically trained, Ian developed his Celtic fiddle training through mentors here in south Florida and never looked back. His pluck and intensity drives the tunes and his musical taste provides the right bounce. His quick-fingered fiddling is known to peel the paint off the backstage wall.
Kevin Sheehan (mandolin): A true Irish cool hand on the mando. Hailing from New Hampshire and the hardy New England Céilí dance circuit, here’s the boy-o who picks the tunes and adds the fun. With Kevin, you’d best get down off the porch and come downtown where the big dogs play.
Bill Gearhiser (Bass): Keeps it all rock solid with bass rhythm and adding the bow when the tune demands.  He’s a stand-up guy playing stand-up bass while standing up.


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